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Papas Chocolate Covered Creme Eggs Assorted 24CT Box
Papas Chocolate Covered Creme Eggs Assorted 24CT Box
Papas Chocolate Covered Creme Eggs Assorted 24CT Box

Box contains: 4 Dark Chocolate Opera Cream, 2 Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cream, 4 Dark Chocolate French Cream, 2 Dark Chocolate Maple-Nut Cream, 4 Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream, 2 Dark Chocolate Pineapple Cream, 2 Dark Chocolate Mint Cream, and 2 Dark Chocolate Cherry Cream.

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Richard M on 01/16/2019
Just like the days when I was kid in Cincy.Same great taste .Nothing like a Papas cream egg.

Robert S on 02/27/2019
My grandmother always had this brand at Easter. They are a fond memory. They are just as luscious as I remember. Happy I found them again.

Dee A on 03/28/2020
Ordered asst cream 24 ct received choc opera cream 24 ct already had 24 ct 0f dark choc and 2 6 pks of dark opera crean was told too expensive to return opera cream 24 ct asked csv to at least refund frt since it was not my fault .the fact also is I reordered the asst 24 ct

Bonnie E on 03/04/2019

Brad A on 04/07/2019
It was our first time ordering these. My favorite artist, Tyler Childers posted on Instagram a picture of Papas Opera Cream eggs. Followed were comments from people stating how they were the best and grew up loving them. I’m glad I tried them out. Between my kids and wife, I only got to eat one so will order more!

Karen M on 04/04/2020
I love Papas Chocolate Covered Creme Eggs. They're the best. Fast shipping! Thank you Cincinnati Specialties!

Pamela F on 04/04/2020
I grew up having Papa's every Easter! I figured, I am in a pandemic, I need comfort! Yummy!

Jessica T on 04/07/2020
My mom grew up in northern Kentucky and has mentioned a few times that she wished she could get to the store to purchased some Papas opera cream and coconut eggs. Unfortunately, due to quarantine we are all trapped at home without little luxuries like this. She was so happy and surprised to get this assortment in the mail. Thank you for offering shipping so I could make her day!

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