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Papas Chocolate Covered Creme Eggs Assorted 6pk
Papas Chocolate Covered Creme Eggs Assorted 6pk
Papas Chocolate Covered Creme Eggs Assorted 6pk

May contain any of the following eggs - Dark Chocolate Opera Cream, Dark Chocolate French Cream, Dark Chocolate Maple Nut Cream, Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cream, Dark Chocolate Pineapple Cream, Dark Chocolate Cherry Cream, Dark Chocolate Mint Cream, or Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream.

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Elaine E on 03/24/2019
Papa Eggs were a family tradition throughout our childhood. It was great to find them on line not living in the area anymore. Thank you very much. They arrived fresh and ready for Easter.

Dawn B on 03/31/2019

Carole M on 04/13/2019

Dawn W on 02/19/2020
Always looked forward to Papas eggs in my Easter basket. So delicious!

Susan M on 02/29/2020
I haven’t tried these sonInwill say I like them. I did eat the opera cream egg and was disappointed but I imagine from the taste of the chocolate it’s pretty good.

Nan A on 03/26/2020
This was very easy to order and nice to get this special treat!

Connie R on 03/26/2020
Prefer all French Cream. Do not like Pineapple Cream and Coconut Cream. When I buy the eggs separately at the store I just buy the Opera Cream and French Cream.

Judith M on 03/28/2020

Helen T on 02/22/2021

Marilyn H on 03/15/2021
All the cream eggs were very good.

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