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Putmans Opera Cream 14oz Box
Putmans Opera Cream 14oz Box
Putmans Opera Cream 14oz Box

Putmans Opera Cream 14oz Box

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Amy A on 04/21/2022
I purchased these for a lady in a nursing home that will be 100 in May. She lived most of her life in Cincinnati and while she was thinking back to “home” she told me about opera cremes and how wonderful they were. She wondered if they still made them. I found these and surprised her and she was so happy!! She said they reminded her of home. Made my day. Thank you.

Dorothy T on 12/20/2021
These are as delicious as I remember them from 70 years ago!

Lon D on 11/26/2021
The only change I would make, is buying them without the chocolate covering. As kids we always got them for Christmas that way, and the taste sticks with you. Cheers

Margaret P on 12/30/2020
Bought these for my mother-in-law for Christmas. She grew up in Ohio and said they are just as she remembers. "Best cream filling ever."

Wayne S on 12/17/2020
Delicious, Fabulous, Yummy! Loved every taste! My dad was born in Cincinnati and grew up in Covington. I was raised on Opera Creams and love rediscovering them!

Janet T on 11/08/2020

Susan G on 08/18/2020
Hope they comeback....best since I was a kid.

Dee A on 03/28/2020

Amy P on 02/10/2020

James S on 12/16/2019
My 3 sisters and I were born in Cincinnati. When we moved to FL in 1951 my father would still get opera creams from time to time. They were a childhood treat then and are a senior citizen treat now - a bit of our childhood in a 14oz. box.

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