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LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars
LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars
LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars

LaRosa's Pizza Sauce (4 - 14oz Jars)

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Karen D on 03/03/2019

Bill H on 10/19/2019
I have gotten LaRosa's Pizza Sauce before (I used to live in Cincy) and got it this time to compare pricing. there is a supplier on Amazon that charges $14.95 a bottle. Glad to see that you don't. Should look into it.

Daren C on 09/21/2020

Todd M on 10/20/2020
My order was shipped promptly, arrived as ordered, and was well packaged. I ordered 8 jars of the LaRosa's pizza sauce and each jar came individually wrapped in bubble wrap and all were placed in a box with styrofoam peanut packing. So very well packaged. I will certainly order again from Cincinnati Specialties when the need arises.

Sandra P on 10/20/2020

Susan P on 01/21/2021
They arrived safely in Florida, very well packaged for my son and he will THRILLED to have a little bit of Cincinnati with him! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Aahley C on 02/19/2021
A little taste of home at a reasonable price 💖

Miriam S on 02/22/2021
We love LaRosa’s pizza sauce, and we’re so glad we can place orders from Cincinnati Specialties! Shipping was fast and convenient.

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