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LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars
LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars
LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars

LaRosa's Pizza Sauce (4 - 14oz Jars)

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Amy C on 09/08/2021
It’s the best! We don’t have a LaRosas close to us so this is the next best thing! So happy we found Cincinnati Specialities to grab our favorite pizza sauce! Grilled, smoked or oven baked, it’s amazing!

JEFF D on 05/20/2021

Daren C on 04/23/2021
Love this sauce on flatbreads as well as pizza

Jennifer E on 04/02/2021

Miriam S on 02/22/2021
We love LaRosa’s pizza sauce, and we’re so glad we can place orders from Cincinnati Specialties! Shipping was fast and convenient.

Merve C on 02/19/2021
A little taste of home at a reasonable price 💖

Susan P on 01/21/2021
They arrived safely in Florida, very well packaged for my son and he will THRILLED to have a little bit of Cincinnati with him! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Sandra P on 10/20/2020

Todd M on 10/20/2020
My order was shipped promptly, arrived as ordered, and was well packaged. I ordered 8 jars of the LaRosa's pizza sauce and each jar came individually wrapped in bubble wrap and all were placed in a box with styrofoam peanut packing. So very well packaged. I will certainly order again from Cincinnati Specialties when the need arises.

Bill H on 10/19/2019
I have gotten LaRosa's Pizza Sauce before (I used to live in Cincy) and got it this time to compare pricing. there is a supplier on Amazon that charges $14.95 a bottle. Glad to see that you don't. Should look into it.

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