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LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars
LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars
LaRosas Pizza Sauce 4 14oz Jars

LaRosa's Pizza Sauce (4 - 14oz Jars)

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Top Customer Reviews

James W on 12/12/2022

Mary S on 11/01/2022
The BEST sauce ever!

Daren C on 04/13/2022
Wish LaRosa’s was around where I live in southern Ohio but this will do.

Amy C on 03/28/2022
We can’t get LaRosa pizza unless we drive an hour and a half and no one sells the sauce close by. I’m so thankful for Cincinnati Specialities, reasonable price, fast shipping and always easy to order. Thank you!!

Jill H on 02/09/2022

Sharon B on 12/07/2021
The best sauce ever!!! No pizza like LaRosas in Denver 😕so I order the sauce delivered!😊

JEFF D on 05/20/2021

Jennifer E on 04/02/2021

Miriam S on 02/22/2021
We love LaRosa’s pizza sauce, and we’re so glad we can place orders from Cincinnati Specialties! Shipping was fast and convenient.

Merve C on 02/19/2021
A little taste of home at a reasonable price 💖

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