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Grippos BBQ Cheese Nibs
Grippos BBQ Cheese Nibs
Grippos BBQ Cheese Nibs

Here they are! Finally available! Grippo's BBQ Cheese Nibs 5oz Bags in a 12ct Box. The iconic cheese puff has been taken to the next level. What do you get when you combine the goodness of a cheese puff with the unmistakable taste of Grippo's Bar-B-Q Spice? An empty bag! These cheese nibs are that good. Buy a box now!

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Top Customer Reviews

Robin A on 01/03/2022
Love them ,had to order the grandkids do to can only find them in a few stores and are always out

Michael R on 12/30/2021
This is a GREAT munchie with a unique taste..very satisfying

Antoinette F on 11/14/2021

Mitchell K on 04/05/2021

Sharon E on 03/31/2021
They were great and I will definitely order again.

Tellen T on 09/27/2020
Great taste. I would always buy these in Indiana when traveling for work. I could never find these in Chicago. Finally find the company web site and I purchase a case to satisfy my cravings. This case last me about a month to a month in a half. 🀀🀀πŸ₯°πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ€—

Jacob S on 08/23/2020
The best snack in the world

Dallas S on 08/18/2020

Nema B on 08/18/2020
These are amazing !! Can’t get them locally, ordered from Cincinnati SpecIalties ... Thank You !!

SARITA G on 07/29/2020

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