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Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bags 24ct
Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bags 24ct
Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bags 24ct

Grippo's BBQ 1.5oz Bags 24ct

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Diana W on 01/12/2019
These have been my favorite for years. Can only find them at certain places. Keep up the great work

Joe F on 02/23/2019

Lisa B on 03/11/2019

Corey K on 03/13/2019
As mentioned above, the only way I can purchase Grippos locally is through food vebding machines at my Hospital. That's how I discovered the great taste. I guess because of the region I'm located in, they're not available through retail stores. I love that I can order a case of them direct from your store and snack on them anytime rather than going in to the hospital with a pocket full of quarters and all the stares I get from people in the waiting room as I exit with an armload of little red and silver bags.

Daphne S on 03/17/2019

Shonnell M on 06/12/2019

Christopher P on 12/24/2019
The best chips in the world.

danny p on 12/31/2019
bestest damn chips in the world.they must be i live in florida and have to order them. Thanks Grippos. Danny R Parker

Michael B on 02/01/2020
No better Bar-B-Q chips anywhere. Tangy flavor with a sweet after taste. Another childhood favorite. Thanks Cincinnati Specialties for bringing these to me in Florida-land.

Ricki V on 03/25/2020
Fast shipping. Great product. Chips were mostly whole!

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