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The Fascinating Legacy of Worthmore Mock Turtle Soup

Have you ever tried mock turtle soup before? This English soup has been around since the mid-eighteenth century! As interesting as the name suggests, this soup has a fascinating history and a delicious legacy. Read on to satisfy your cravings for mock turtle soup facts and dish up a heaping serving of knowledge! 

The Origins of Mock Turtle Soup 

Back in the 1700s, the English used to enjoy green turtle soup. Not only is this a bit off-putting, but green turtles are actually an endangered species. At the time, this soup was extremely expensive. 

Consequently, green turtle soup was usually only enjoyed by the rich. As such, mock turtle soup was invented to duplicate the delicate texture and flavor of this dish. 

A Mock Turtle Evolution 

As time went on, many fascinating mock turtle soup recipes were invented. Some of these recipes included beef organs, calf meat, freshwater turtles, and other very disturbing ingredients. Eventually, a delicious recipe was settled on that implemented beef. Today, this recipe is still used by makers of mock turtle soup. 

A German Take on English Mock Turtle Soup 

Alternatively, in Germany, mock turtle soup was reinvented as a traditional homestyle meal. Here, it was enjoyed in the Kingdom of Hanover and the kingdom of Oldenburg. The Amerrland region of Germany is particularly famous for making delicious mock turtle soup! 

American Variations of This Dish 

In the United States, mock turtle soup became popular in the 19th century. Therefore, many recipes were also invented in this region. Indeed, these recipes included meat from snapping turtles and other similar freshwater turtle species. Also, ground beef, alligator, and some types of crawfish were sometimes used. 

In Midwestern regions like Philadelphia and Cincinnati, many mock turtle soup recipes are available if you know where to look. Often, these recipes are served at local dining establishments. If you’re from Cincinnati, you’ve probably seen them on the menu! 

Mock Turtle in Modern Times 

Thankfully, the mock turtle soup of today is only similar to the mock turtle soup of the past in good ways. Although today’s mock turtle soup is often filled with a delicious blend of spices and vegetables, it rarely contains alligator, turtle, or beef organs. 

Today, mock turtle soup is still sold by a few unique manufacturers. As a signature dish in the Midwest and Deep South, there some brands even produce delicious mock turtle soup in a can! One of the most popular companies known for making mock turtle soup is Worthmore. 

Tasty Worthmore Mock Turtle Soup 

Back in the 1920s, the founder of Worthmore began producing his own unique version of mock turtle soup. His business is still around today making a delicious canned mock turtle soup that is sure to make your mouth water! Best of all, they make it with 100% lean beef nowadays!

Buy Worthmore Mock Turtle Soup Online 

Now, it’s easier than ever to order mock turtle soup online. In the past, this dish was incredibly difficult to come by. Indeed, if you wanted a taste of mock turtle soup a few years ago, you’d have to head to Atlanta, Philadelphia, or Cincinnati! 

Luckily, you can now easily purchase Worthmore Mock Turtle Soup by clicking the previously linked text! That way, you can get a delicious taste of this unique delicacy from anywhere in the US. 

Best of all, you can access delicious cans of Worthmore Mock Turtle Soup without ever having to leave the house! When you order online, you’ll have access to fast shipping directly to your preferred address. Check it out and get a taste of history!