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A Complete Grippos Seasoning Shopping Guide

There’s nothing quite like the flavor of Grippos Seasoning. If you know, you know! In fact, just about any Cincinnati resident will be familiar with the zesty, tangy, flavors of Grippos BBQ chips. Really, Grippos flavors are so popular in the Cincinnati area that the brand even sells their signature BBQ seasoning in a versatile blend. 

Indeed, Grippos Seasoning allows you to get a taste of those down-home Cincinnati flavors anytime, anywhere. This seasoning goes great on just about anything! Below, we’ll fill you in on everything Grippos related so that you can decide if this tangy tasty seasoning sounds like something you want to try. Alternatively, if you already love the flavors of Grippos seasoning, we’ll tell you how to buy it no matter where you live! 

About the Grippos Company 

If you like all-American products that come from companies with deep midwestern roots, you’ll appreciate the history and heritage of Grippos. Since the year 1919, Grippos has been making a range of delicious snack foods for Ohio locals. There’s nothing plain about these potato chips! 

The Official Chips of the Cincinnati Reds 

Moreover, Grippos is the official snack company of the Cincinnati Reds! Not only can you find Grippos potato chips in every concession stand at a Cincinnati Reds game, but you will also find a range of other amazing Grippos themed dishes! Indeed, Grippos is the Great American Ballpark snackfood company. There are even special Reds bags of Grippos chips for MLB fans! 

Distinctive Flavor and Style Straight Out of Cincinnati 

As a company that is locally owned and operated, Grippos foods, potato chips, and seasoning blends are made and distributed in the Cincinnati Ohio area. Therefore, locals in this Midwestern part of the country are familiar with a range of popular Grippos products! In addition to this, many Cincinnati locals associate Grippos Seasoning and flavors with the taste of hometown happiness. 

A Range of Ultra Popular Grippos Products

Additionally, Grippos makes a range of other delicious products. From mouth-watering barbecue beef jerky to cheddar and horseradish onion rings, Grippos has something for everyone to love! Grippos Hot and Spicy pork rinds are a fan favorite while those with selective palettes will appreciate Grippos Sweet Maui Onion potato chips. However, Grippos seasoning is easily one of the most versatile options. 

Spice Up Your Life with Grippos Seasoning 

Now, it’s easier than ever to spice up your life with the delicious and crave-worthy flavors of Grippos seasonings. Not only is there a Grippos Seasoning blend made with the exact same secret spices used on their famous potato chips, but this seasoning goes great on a range of foods! 

Add a Dash of Home Town Flavor to Anything 

One of the best things about Grippos Seasoning is how versatile and delicious it is. Grippos seasoning goes great on steak, fish, pork, chili, hamburgers, and so much more. Also, you can use Grippos seasoning on vegetables for a healthier way to access your favorite snack food flavors. 

How to Buy Grippos Seasoning Anywhere   

So how can you enjoy delicious Grippos flavors if you’re outside of the Cincinnati area? It’s easy! Here at Cincinnati Specialties, you can buy Grippos Seasoning at near wholesale prices. Plus, we sell many other delicious Grippos snacks in bulk at discount prices. With free shipping and fantastic customer service, you can’t go wrong with ordering from us! 

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