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Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 2 9oz Jars
Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 2 9oz Jars
Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 2 9oz Jars

Frisch's Original Tartar Sauce (2 - 9oz Jars)

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Daphne S on 03/17/2019

Brian R on 04/26/2019
Great taste!

Barbara H on 08/13/2019
20 years ago, I left Cincinnati for grad school, and I still miss so many of the tastes of Cincinnati. Frisch's tartar sauce is perhaps my favorite. We get the small jars because it always tastes fresh.

MARGIE B on 12/17/2019

earl g on 05/02/2020
been eating at Frisch's since i was a teen. worked for them in Louisville ( #119 off fern valley rd. 1993 - 1998 cook ). not biased but the absolute best tartar sauce you can buy. i miss all their products. i live out west temporarily but will retyrn soon. BIG BOY 1st on my list.

Teresa G on 05/12/2020
We love Frisch’s tartar sauce on burgers, fish, and French Fries! The best tartar sauce in the world!

Phillip S on 05/20/2020

Ronald R on 07/06/2020

Judith B on 06/23/2020
Love this tartar Sauce and the smaller jars. Besides the good product . I also look how it was shipped. This came to me packed perfectly. Thank you .

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