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Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 2 9oz Jars
Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 2 9oz Jars
Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 2 9oz Jars

Frisch's Original Tartar Sauce (2 - 9oz Jars)

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Daphne S on 03/17/2019

Brian R on 04/26/2019
Great taste!

Barbara H on 12/21/2020
We miss Frisch's, even 30 years after being away. The tartar sauce is the flavor that brings us home. We like these smaller jars because the flavor remains true. Having a burger without this tartar sauce is inconceivable.

MARGIE B on 12/17/2019

earl g on 05/02/2020
been eating at Frisch's since i was a teen. worked for them in Louisville ( #119 off fern valley rd. 1993 - 1998 cook ). not biased but the absolute best tartar sauce you can buy. i miss all their products. i live out west temporarily but will retyrn soon. BIG BOY 1st on my list.

Teresa G on 05/12/2020
We love Frisch’s tartar sauce on burgers, fish, and French Fries! The best tartar sauce in the world!

Phillip S on 05/20/2020

Judith B on 06/23/2020
Love this tartar Sauce and the smaller jars. Besides the good product . I also look how it was shipped. This came to me packed perfectly. Thank you .

Ronald R on 07/06/2020

bob k on 01/19/2021
Best there is!!!

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